Up The Irons is the ultimate Iron Maiden Tribute band.
Unlike your regular coverband, we put on a spectacular, high-energy show complete with stage props, effects and on stage "Eddie" monsters that simulate a perfect Iron Maiden show. Combine that with note for note accuracy and musicianship and the "win-win" combination of 5 wild Iron Maiden freaks playing the original "Iron Maiden" hits and you have an unbeatable formula that guarantees a night to remember.

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“Up The Irons is very happy to present Sam Lemmens (ex-Evil Invaders) as the new guitarist for the band! In the last few months the band has received lots of auditions and Sam immediately stood out as the most suitable man for the job. His guitar playing, his looks and the fact that he has shitloads of stage experience with one of Belgium’s hottest new metalbands (including tours in Europe and Japan) made it an easy choice for the band.
As you all know, Up The Irons needed a new guitarplayer, because Paul Marcelis decided to leave the band. Since Paul graduated as a lawyer and moved to Amsterdam for his new job, we kind of knew it would be more and more difficult for Paul to keep playing with Up The Irons. In the end he decided to quit, to do both himself and the band justice. We do respect his decision and want to thank Paul for all the great moments we’ve shared and enjoyed on- and off stage. Of course we wish Paul all the best with his work as a lawyer and with his other band Lord Volture as well.
With Sam joining the ranks, we will be rehearsing the new Beast on the Road show for the April tour. Hope to see you all on the road in 2016
“Please welcome Mr.  Sam Lemmens on the lead guitar!” - Up The Irons!

Up The Irons


Up The Irons kicks ass at Graspop!

Thanks to everyone who came and kicked ass with us at Graspop Metal Meeting. It was a wonderful experience. When we arrived at the festival grounds we could never imagine that the whole tent would be filled to the brim with metal maniacs like yourself! Being the first band on the bill without any other bands on the other stages, we expected quite a lot of people. But never did we expect the estimate of 20.000 people that were there. It is a once in a lifetime experience to be on stage while you guys sing along so loud with all the classics like The Trooper and Fear of the Dark, and we’re bloody grateful for it!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see you all on tour again, be it in Holland, Belgium, Germany or anywhere else!

Check out some footage from the show here


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