We are very, very happy to announce that we have a new guitar player! Of Legion of the Damned, Splinterbomb and Lucifer Principle fame, this guy has definitely earned his stripes, and we are sure he will add some stripes with us as well!

Please welcome to the stage Mister Hein Willekens!! Hein will do his first gig with us in Hilvarenbeek, on the 22nd of September, come and give him a welcome he won’t forget!


“Up The Irons is very happy to present Sam Lemmens (ex-Evil Invaders) as the new guitarist for the band! In the last few months the band has received lots of auditions and Sam immediately stood out as the most suitable man for the job. His guitar playing, his looks and the fact that he has shitloads of stage experience with one of Belgium’s hottest new metalbands (including tours in Europe and Japan) made it an easy choice for the band.
As you all know, Up The Irons needed a new guitarplayer, because Paul Marcelis decided to leave the band. Since Paul graduated as a lawyer and moved to Amsterdam for his new job, we kind of knew it would be more and more difficult for Paul to keep playing with Up The Irons. In the end he decided to quit, to do both himself and the band justice. We do respect his decision and want to thank Paul for all the great moments we’ve shared and enjoyed on- and off stage. Of course we wish Paul all the best with his work as a lawyer and with his other band Lord Volture as well.
With Sam joining the ranks, we will be rehearsing the new Beast on the Road show for the April tour. Hope to see you all on the road in 2016
“Please welcome Mr.  Sam Lemmens on the lead guitar!” - Up The Irons!

Up The Irons


Up The Irons kicks ass at Graspop!

Thanks to everyone who came and kicked ass with us at Graspop Metal Meeting. It was a wonderful experience. When we arrived at the festival grounds we could never imagine that the whole tent would be filled to the brim with metal maniacs like yourself! Being the first band on the bill without any other bands on the other stages, we expected quite a lot of people. But never did we expect the estimate of 20.000 people that were there. It is a once in a lifetime experience to be on stage while you guys sing along so loud with all the classics like The Trooper and Fear of the Dark, and we’re bloody grateful for it!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see you all on tour again, be it in Holland, Belgium, Germany or anywhere else!

Check out some footage from the show here


Check this out:

We had an awesome time in the UK last October. We were very curious if the English audience would accept a couple of Dutchies playing tunes of their very own Iron Maiden… And boy did they! We had brillant gigs, loads of absolute cracking reactions and we simply had a brillant time. We’d like to thank everyone involved, Jill and Gary, all the venues, and most of all anyone who attented one or more of our shows. We’ll be back!


October gigs in the UK announced:

18 Oct The Snooty Fox, Wakefield (UK)
19 Oct The Diamond, Mansfield (UK)
21 Oct Surya, London (UK)
23 Oct The Flying Shuttle, Bury (UK)
24 Oct The Rebellion Bar, Manchester (UK)
25 Oct

Ormskirk Civic Hall, Ormskirk (UK)


New gig: April 5th Dortmund (D). Click here


Up The Irons was invited to visit the Maiden Football match in Wintelre (NL) last Friday. Of course there was some time for a chat and a 'Trooper' beer with Steve and some crew.

Maiden won this game with 4-3. Up The Irons!!!


Please welcome, our new Drummer: Tom Heijnen. We wish Roel van Helden all the best with his band Powerwolf. Thanks a million to Roel for all the fun and Rock ’n Roll. Please support Roel during the festivals this summer!!

And raise your horns for Tom Heijnen!

Tom isn’t a new bloke for us as you will all know. He already played quite a few shows with Up The Irons. He is an amazing Iron Maiden drummer with so much energy.


We had an amazing time playing these 3 shows with Paul Di'Anno. Check out the media page for some videos.


You really want to see this:



Sascha Burchardt (ex-zanger Up The Irons) zal vrijdagavond aanwezig zijn bij de show in Venlo. Hij zal zelfs een aantal liedjes mee gaan zingen met de band. Voor degene die Sascha nog kennen is dit een Must See natuurlijk, voor degene die Up The Irons nog nooit met Sascha hebben gezien is dit een aanrader!!!


Thanks to everyone who visited the Unleash the Beast tour. New gigs coming up and more are being added, so check the gigs page and see you soon.

Having a very good time on this tour. thanks to all of you who have come to see us and thanks to all of you who will on the upcoming dates at Kastival, Gryphus, Devil, Rambler and Beatnik.

Our gig at Puntpop this Saturday has unfortunately been cancelled. Hope to see you all another time.

This saturday. First show of the"Unleash The Beast Tour"

Check out the upcoming Maiden uniteD shows in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands in April featuring Up The Irons, Threshold and Within Temptation members and Anneke van Gierbergen as special guest. Click here.

First shows for the April-June "Unleash The Beast Tour" announced. Many more to come.


Up The Irons wil de organisatie van Rock4Life bedanken voor een legendarische avond in Tripodia te Katwijk.

Met 800 kaarten was de zaal geheel uitverkocht! Dank aan alle headbangers, moshers en koorzangers en –zangeressen. We hebben er samen: jullie + de band + de organisatie + The Unforgiven een geweldig feest van gemaakt. Tijdens de show kwam er een gedachten in mij op…”Up The Irons had al veel eerder naar Katwijk moeten komen, want jullie zijn helemaal te gek!!!!”

1 ding gaan we jullie beloven…het duurt geen 10 jaar meer voordat we weer terug zijn in Katwijk. Kijk ook op de fotopagina voor de mooiste foto’s van deze Halloween-nacht.

Complimenten aan Rock4Life

Joey, namens de hele band en crew

Keep an eye on our website for the latest news about our new Facebook Page and our ‘Unleash The Beast Tour’ in 2011.

Maiden Day, Sjiwa, Baarlo

De opbrengst van de coventie in Sjiwa Baarlo op 13 november gaat wederom naar de Clive Burr Trust Fund. Naast Up the Irons en andere bands is er ook een exclusieve pre-listening van het album 'Mind The Acoustic Pieces' van Joey's project Maiden uniteD (met o.a. Damian Wilson en Ruud Jolie). Kaarten kosten 10 euro voor de hele dag. Tot dan.

The proceeds from the Maiden convention in Baarlo on the 13th of November will go to the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. Of course there are going to be a lot of bands to see that day, but there will also be an exclusive pre-listening of the 'Mind The Acoustic Pieces' album by Joey's other project Maiden uniteD (featuring Damian Wilson, Ruud Jolie and others). Tickets are 10 euros for the whole day. See you all there.

Maiden Day, La Vida, Tilburg

Up The Irons wil iedereen enorm bedanken voor het enthousiastme en de goede support tijdens de show op de Maiden Day in La Vida te Tilburg. Speciale dank gaat uit naar Damian Wilson voor zijn gastbijdrage bij The Trooper. Het was wederom een geweldige ervaring om een Maiden Weekend af te sluiten. En hoe...een afsluiting met het nummer 'Iron Maiden' met Mauri en Maarten van Somewhere On Stage en Ironing Maiden en the grand final: 'Blood Brothers' met alle bandleden van de deelnemende bands en crewleden.

Up The Irons dankt Peer Weel voor de goede organisatie, dankt iedereen die zo hard meezong vooraan op het podium, dankt alle gasten op het balkon en dankt alle andere bands van de Maiden Day. You made this weekend one hell of a good time! Thank You!!!

New Rock 'n Roll Ribs for Up The Irons

Up The Irons heeft in Roel van Helden een nieuwe drummer gevonden. Roel is bekend van Sun Caged en om zijn enorme waardering voor Nicko "Rock 'n Roll Ribs" McBrain.
Afgelopen zondag was Roel al te zien en te horen bij Up The Irons tijdens de show op Popelucht! Een show met een erg goede prestatie van Roel. De nieuwe line-up van Up The Irons is weer helemaal compleet en de band is klaar voor voorlopig weer 10 New Years of Rock 'n Roll.

Ijzersterke show op Popelucht!

Up The Irons wil iedereen bedanken op Popelucht voor het harde meezingen en schreeuwen. De crew heeft bij het afbreken nog wat stembanden gevonden op het podium, dus wie ze kwijt is...? Een zeer speciale dank aan de hele organisatie van Stichting Popel! Jullie hebben een geweldig festival! Het was de eerste show voor de nieuwe bandleden Leon Hermans (gitaar) en Roel van Helden (Drums) en het was letterlijk vuurwerk! Mensen van Etten-Leur allemaal bedankt voor de warme ontvangst en het vuurwerk (meer dan ooit) was voor jullie.

Up The Irons komt heel snel weer terug naar Etten-Leur...dat beloven we bij deze!
Scream for yourself Etten-Leur!!!!

Two Up The Irons Roadies leave the band

We are sad to announce that guitar tech Hans van Velzen and our lighting tech Helmo Brans have left the Up The Irons crew.
Hans wants to have more time for his study and is a professional custom guitar builder. Check his business out at www.jamv.nl

Helmo wants to have more sparetime and is busy with his photography business. Check him out at moandmoi-fotografie
The band and crew lose two dedicated crew members and we would like to thank the boys for their professional way of working, their humor and unforgettable memories!

Up The Irons has got TWO new guitarplayers!

The auditions went very well and we'd like to thank everyone who pariticipated! Leon Hermans and Paul Marcelis are going to be the new guys in the band and are ready to rock! They came in very self confident and prepared and there immediately was a click. They auditioned both at the same time (they're friends!), so how cool can this be!!!

We are preparing the new setlist as we speak, and are ready to rock your socks off after the summer break. We've got a lot of cool gigs comin'up and will be ready to serve you the best maiden tribute gig you've ever witnessed!

Band and crew want to take this opportunity to welcome Leon and Paul, but they also have to say something to you!

Leon Hermans

'As a big Iron Maiden fan, I am very proud to be a part of UP THE IRONS now and I'm looking forward to hit te stage with this great band.
Together with Paul Marcelis, I greet all the fans of UP THE IRONS and will be glad to see you on the road! Leon'

Paul Marcelis

"With Up The Irons being the Iron Maiden tribute, I am really excited to be joining this great band along with Leon Hermans, who already is my accomplice in making some shredding heavy metal! We're coming to get you!"

Slagharen show cancelled

Unfortunately Up The Irons has to cancel tonights show (July 7th )@ Slagharen, due to unforseen circumstances. We appologize for any inconveniance. We'll see you all after the summer break with our two new guitarplayers!

Iron Maiden coverband Somewhere on stage will fill the spot for us, thanx guys! Enjoy!

Maiden Day

Big news, as part of their 10th anniversary tour, Up The Irons will headline all the "Maiden Day" events. All money that will be raised on these gigs will go directly into the Clive Burr MS Trust fund!

Check out www.maidenday.nl for more info!

First 10th Anniversary Shows Big Succes

The first shows of the 10th Anniversary tour were a big (sold out) succes. Up The Irons started it off with a memorable apperance @ Tavenu, Waalwijk. The band invited special guests Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), Martijn Balsters (ex Up The Irons / The Dust Connection) and ex Up The Irons vocalist Sascha Burchardt to the stage, the crowd went MAD!

The band wishes to thank the special guests and everyone @ Tavenu, but most of all... All you crazy fans who attended the gig. You really made us proud.

Up The Irons Italy Tour

The Irons wishes to thank all of you who participated in the Iron Maiden World convention in Italy. We had a great time in Pescara and Milan. Also great to meet Dennis Stratton.

Cheers from The Clairvoyants(ITA) - 667(GER) - Up The Irons(HOL) and Dennis Stratton @ Alcatraz, Milano